• Discover African Studies at Georgetown: Focus on Culture

    Africa’s strengths are in its cultures and history, making it essential to understand these if we are to study contemporary African developments.

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  • Discover African Studies at Georgetown: Political Life

    There are few aspects of contemporary African life as dynamic and pivotal as African politics. Citizens across the continent seek responsive and representative governments that can deliver on much-needed development goals and end conflicts.

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  • Discover African Studies at Georgetown: Focus on Economics and Development

    The issues of economics, finance, markets and development have become increasingly essential to understanding contemporary Africa.

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From the Director

Welcome to African Studies at Georgetown. Our program offers a unique window into a vital, dynamic, but frequently misunderstood, region of the world: sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is a place of incredible contradictions: it is on the margins of world trade and investment, yet throughout modern history, Africa’s people and resources have been essential to development elsewhere; Africa is incredibly rich in resources, but it is plagued with some of the world’s most entrenched poverty ...