Walsh School of Foreign Service

INAF 559- Gateway Course: Theory and Policy in Africa

This course serves as the gateway requirement for students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in African Studies. The focus is on Africa in the World, using various lenses of theory, policy and the disciplines, exposing students to core arguments in the literature. The course will establish a foundation in the key theoretical, historical and policy issues that pertain to Africa. The course will build upon traditional disciplinary offerings but go beyond them to explore and integrate with professional and practitioner- oriented studies. Assignments and assessments will focus on a range of practical and research-based skills such as analysis of primary sources, preparing policy papers, editorials and opinion pieces, and possibly other online or “public writing.” Students will utilize creative and rigorous writing and presentation tools, such as electronic portfolios as a tool to prepare, present and share a range of writing projects. Students are expected to utilize these assignments to reflect on diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Africa. At the end of the semester students will emerge with a set of writing projects that could advance their intellectual and professional goals. This course is restricted to students in the Graduate African Studies Certificate.