Walsh School of Foreign Service

INAF 459- Public Policy Dynamics Africa Environment Crime

This interactive course examines the impacts of environmental crime, such as illegal logging and wildlife trafficking, in Africa and the public and private sector response to quell this dangerous trend. Recognized as one of the most lucrative forms of transnational criminal activity, environmental crime in Africa is worth tens of billions dollars annually and comparable to drug and human trafficking in terms of profitability. This illicit trade not only causes severe environmental degradation, but it adversely impacts national security and governance throughout the continent. This course analyzes current bilateral and multilateral policy prescriptions to address environmental crime and examines private sector solutions currently in place to counter illegal fishing, illegal logging, and illicit wildlife trafficking. A portion of the course will be dedicated to case studies of specific African source countries and their relationship with demand countries in Asia. Senior-level policy makers, field based conservationists, and private sector leaders, will join certain classes to explain how they view this issue and how these principles are practically applied.