Walsh School of Foreign Service

INAF 381 Jihadism and Security Challenges in Africa

Instructor: Dr. Barthelemy Bazemo

Friday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

This course fulfills elective certificate requirement 

The significant rise of jihadist networks has seriously upended the inchoate and precarious
security architecture of Africa and turned it into a new global hotspot for jihadist activities. As a
result, the continent has increasingly faced unprecedented human security challenges (violent
extremism, terrorism, organized crime, rural exodus, IDPs, and migration).
This course will offer an overview of the complex taxonomy of Jihadist movements, their origins
and patterns, Salafi ideologies, and their socio-political impact on dramatically affected states in
North Africa, the Sahel, and the Horn of Africa. Careful attention will be given to the structural
drivers and factors fuelling violence, as well as the existing strategies for countering violent
extremism (CVE) across Africa.