Summer in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Spend a summer in Tanzania on the Development Studies Track (6 credits) or Intensive Kiswahili Track (6 credits)

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2019: Development Studies (6 credits) and Intensive Kiswahili Studies (6 credits)

The application for the Summer 2019 program is now closed. Please find the application for the Tanzania Summer Study Abroad Fellowship here.


Development Studies Track (6 credits): How does the work of local community organizations, think tanks, and government agencies intersect to address modern-day challenges of global development? On the Development Challenges in Tanzania internship program, you will study the complexities of current challenges and approaches to community-driven development, while testing and applying new knowledge in a part-time internship with a local community-based organization. The internship will be paired with a seminar comprised of readings, reflection assignments, and weekly discussion meetings with a GU faculty member and other students to deepen your understanding of how your internship site addresses the challenges of sustainable development. The program will conclude with an overnight safari excursion through the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania.

Intensive Kiswahili Track (6 credits): Explore the intersection of language, culture, and modern society in the largest Kiswahili-speaking city in the world and one of the fastest-growing cities on the African continent.  On the Intensive Kiswahili Studies program, you’ll study Kiswahili through a combination of cultural immersion experiences and intensive coursework taught by local faculty from the Institute for Kiswahili Studies at the University of Dar Es Salaam (no prior Kiswahili is required to apply). You’ll have the opportunity to visit sites of historical and political importance, such as the first capital of Tanzania in Bagamoyo and the historical Stone Town and Sultan’s Palace in Zanzibar.  The program will conclude with an overnight safari excursion through the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania.


While in Dar es Salaam, students reside with host families, who provide two meals per day (breakfast and dinner). They may be in two-person rooms with another GU student, or they may be placed singly, depending on enrollments. Students reside in two-person rooms in a conveniently located hotel in Arusha, where they are provided breakfast and dinner. Students receive three meals per day while on safari.


Students receive a total of six (6) Georgetown credits for the program and can select the Development Studies Track, an internship program, or the Intensive Kiswahili Program, which is an immersive language program.


Georgetown welcomes participation in this program from Georgetown and non-Georgetown students. The program requires that participants have a minimum 2.7 GPA. A $35 non-refundable application fee (made payable to Georgetown University) must accompany the application. 

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Program Dates are May 24 - June 30, 2019