Our faculty bring decades of experience in the classroom, government, non-profits, business, and consulting to the classroom, creating a unique learning environment that is constantly evolving.

African Studies Faculty 

Scott Taylor
Director & Professor, African Studies Program

Kathryn DeLuna
Assistant Professor, History

Desha Girod
Associate Professor, Government

Lise Morje Howard
Associate Professor, Government

Amadou Kone
Professor, French

John Kraemer
Associate Professor, Health Systems Administration

Meredith McKittrick
Associate Professor, History

Emily Mendenhall
Assistant Professor, SFS

Gwendolyn Mikell
Professor, Anthropology and SFS

Ken O. Opalo 
Assistant Professor, African Studies Program

Lahra Smith
Associate Professor, African Studies Program

Geoffrey Traugh
Assistant Professor, History

AffIliated Faculty 

Rogaia Abusharaf
Professor, Anthropology at SFS-Q

Moussa Blimpo
Adjunct Professor

Chester Crocker
Professor, Strategic Studies

Ellen Feingold
Curator, Smithsonian Museum of American History

James Habyarimana
Associate Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy

Stephen King
Associate Professor, Government

Leonard Muaka
Adjunct Professor, Swahili

James Ngundi
Adjunct Professor, Swahili

William Olsen
Instructor & Bibliographer, International Health

Yoon Jung Park
Adjunct Professor, African Studies Program

John O. Voll
Professor Emeritus, SFS

Andrew Zeitlin
Assistant Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy


Alemmaya Abede

Anita Joshi