Rebecca Gross (ASP'14) founds Student Driven Solutions in Malawi

Inspired by her African Studies thesis work, Rebecca Gross (ASP'14) founds an education initiative, Student Driven Solutions, in Malawi. Gross tells The Maravi Post about the founding of the organization and it's mission. See the full article here

Our mission is to provide Malawi's young women with the skills and confidence necessary to address challenges in their community through an integrated business and advocacy curriculum.

Student Driven Solutions has designed a comprehensive and innovative 20-week curriculum for financial literacy education coupled with student conceived hands-on community projects. The curriculum is based on UNESCO guidelines and financial literacy coursework. Our trained secondary school teachers will provide business education and financial management sessions. University student mentors will supervise and provide guidance throughout the program. Starting in the 14th week of the course, the students will work in teams to identify a challenge in their communities, brainstorm a viable solution, develop a plan of action and create a program budget. Each team will be granted a reasonable allowance to implement and complete their projects. Teams will be accompanied by the program director and mentors to present their plan to the local bank official to withdraw the allotted funds. Upon completion of the 20-week course, the teams will present their work to one another. The members of the most successful team will win scholarship funds and the opportunity to present the team’s accomplishments before a panel of government and business officials from the community.

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